About Us

Belgravia Apparel serves the uniform requirements of over 250 schools, supplying their needs at wholesale as well as contracted  school uniform shops. Our ongoing success as a reliable supplier of school and workwear, has been built on our commitment to quality, reliability, business integrity and customer service.  

This unwavering commitment can be found in every aspect of our business, from fabric and supplier selection, design, colour continuity, sizing consistency, stock availability, sales, client liaison and most importantly, customer care. 

"Not only must you uphold the classic look of a school uniform, but also blend it with today’s styles and colours.
And of course, it must be durable and comfortable to withstand the rigours of school life.” 
- Norman W. Buck


For over 70 years, Belgravia Apparel (previously Buxwear) has been providing Australians with smart, comfortable, high-quality Australian-made uniforms that are a pleasure to wear. 

We know that pride in appearance is just as important as pride in a school, and  while we honour that tradition, the team at Belgravia Apparel is focused on meeting the needs of our customers today and into the future. 

Based in Melbourne, Belgravia Apparel, manufactures and supplies uniforms and corporate wear for a host of organizations across Victoria and Australia. Including primary and secondary schools, colleges and sports academies, pre-schools, childcare centers and kindergartens, universities, sports clubs, corporate clients and community organizations.  

Still Australian-owned and managed, Belgravia Apparel has a background that few school and corporate uniform businesses can rival.  

Our design team constantly search for innovative ways to improve our products. Adapting to the  trends and needs related to the ever-changing society. We use the best available materials, in order to maintain our reputation as a leader in the school uniform market.


Our Commitment to Value

Key to our success over 70 years has been the value we provide our customers.

Uniforms must not only be durable and hard-wearing, but must also maintain their shape, week after week, and often year after year. Key items should retain a level of quality that allows them to be worn across successive seasons and be handed down. That only comes from finding the right balance between cost and durability in terms of fabric and construction. We have been applying that fine balance to all our uniforms for many years now. It is at the heart of our commitment to manufacture and supply uniforms that are of a consistently high standard, can cope with the rigors of student life, and can be passed down to others. 

We aim to provide the best value for our customers and schools and  have been able to optimize our production, marketing and management effectiveness.

Customer Care & Communication

With a full-time admin team the capability of  responding to customer questions is a priority. Our process is streamlined and staff are regularly trained in customer service.   

At the onset, we will work with you to develop an understanding of your needs and expectations.  Planning for the unexpected ensures we can manage our production to meet the needs of the broader school community, parents, staff and students.

We recommend regular reviews are conducted between the school and our sales managers to ensure that the partnership is working well and expectations are being met. Regular meetings enables us to review new or deleted styles, commemorative or special uniforms.