Product Information


Belgravia Apparel manufactures all types of educational and corporate uniforms.

We have the ability to design and manufacture the fabric, and produce stylish, long-lasting and comfortable uniforms that everyone will be proud to wear. 

Our team can meet all your uniform and apparel needs, including: 

  • Blazers and Jackets 
  • Summer Dresses 
  • Winter Skirts and Tunics 
  • Jumpers and Vests 
  • Rugby Tops 
  • Spray and Waterproof Jackets 
  • Fleecy Products 
  • Trousers and Shorts 
  • Polos and T-shirts 
  • Shirts and Blouses


We also make and supply accessories such as socks, ties, backpacks, sports bags, chair bags, scarves, tights, hats and hair ribbons.

We don’t restrict our quality garments to just primary, secondary schools, colleges and sports academies, we also produce garments for pre-schools, childcare centres and kindergartens, universities, sports clubs and corporate clients.



Belgravia Apparel gives your sports uniform that winning edge. 

We can custom design and manufacture high-tech, sublimated uniforms for every sport from rugby, football, netball, rowing, tennis, golf, basketball, soccer, cricket, hockey through to swimming.

Belgravia Apparel are leaders in sports uniform supply and manufacture, we’re also able to:

  • Design and manufacture fabric in your school or team colours and patterns
  • Print or embroider all logos and detailing
  • Provide off-field apparel for coaches, assistants and supporters
  • Customise uniforms with individual names and numbers
  • Design and manufacture unique rugby tops for sport and casual wear



Rugby Tops

Belgravia Apparel has built a reputation for providing the highest quality and most reasonably priced natural 100% cotton, durable cotton-rich, durable cotton-polyester rugby tops in Australia.

Clients across the country return to Belgravia Apparel every year to order our incredibly versatile rugby jumpers, which can be worn by themselves or as an extra layer of warmth in colder climates. Rugby jumpers are ideal and very popular for school ski trips and camps. 

A distinctive, specially designed rugby top is perfect for: 

  • Primary schools and secondary schools  
  • Team officials and supporters 
  • School leavers, especially those in their schools’ senior years 
  • Rugby and sporting teams
  • School social clubs and groups  

Leaver Jumpers & Jackets

Belgravia Apparel leaves nothing to chance when it comes to leaver and graduation wear.

We are constantly researching new trends and ideas – in Australia and overseas – to give schools more choices for their students and staff.

While our staples such as rugby tops, hoodies and polos are still popular with a majority of our schools, we often find new products quickly become the preferred option.

Our reversible jacket allows students to show some individuality and wear the style they prefer. From Grade 6, year 12 or university students our leaver jumpers can be made in either junior or senior sizes, male and female fit, standard or reversible, fleecy or soft shell, we can work with you to get the result that you want.


Varsity Jackets

Belgravia Apparels varsity-inspired leaver/graduation jackets offer style, comfort and a superb, personalised look, at a very reasonable price.

For even greater flexibility, our reversible baseball-style jacket doubles the options and practicality, with a spray-jacket on one side and a fleece on the reverse – each with its own unique colour possibilities. 

Embroidery and sublimation printing give your leaver jacket the finishing touch, creating the perfect look for today’s student.




Over 70% of Belgravia Apparels are designed and made, by hand, right here in Victoria. It’s why we stand confidently behind every garment we make. 

  • We source superior quality fabrics from specialist mills across the globe – each one committed to consistency in colour, design and weight, as well as ethical workplace practices.
  • Every bolt of material that arrives at our premises is checked to ensure it is perfect, before hitting our pattern tables.
  • Fabric is then cut by hand to our own patterns, each one designed in-house.
  • From here, the fabric is dispatched to our sewing teams, where each garment is crafted to ensure they meet our strict standards.

Uniforms must not only be durable and hard-wearing, but must also maintain their shape  year after year.

Key items should retain a level of quality that allows them to be worn across successive seasons and be handed down if necessary. That only comes from finding the right balance between cost and durability in terms of fabric and construction.

To ensure the best value for our customers and schools over the decades, we have never cut corners in apparel quality or customer service, but instead, have been able to optimise our production, marketing and management efficiencies.