Our Services


Whether designing for a new school or organisation, or designing a fresh new direction, our team of full-time designers work collaboratively with your team to ensure we bring your design ideas to life. 


Drawing on over 70-years of experience we take the time to understand your vision, create storyboards, provide advice and also produce samples of your new uniforms. This is a very valuable step in the process as it showcases exactly what your uniform will look and feel like – right down to details such as zip colour and button sizes. We also know that uniform updates are a collaborative decision and generally includes multiple decision makers and stakeholders so sample garments are essential to assist with making the final decision. 

As well as styles, Belgravia Apparel can also custom-design and manufacture fabrics and patterns that are 100% unique to your school  There is an art to making the perfect uniform and over the last 70 years, we have mastered it.

Embroidery & Customisation



Embroidery is the perfect way to customise your uniform with finesse.

From logos and icons to names, honours, academic awards and more, embroidery adds an elegant finish to your garment.

Our in-house design experts can help you with size, thread colour and placement of embroidery, to achieve the ideal balance of style and clarity.



Screen Printing

Screen printing is a delicate art and we only use the most reputable screen printers in Melbourne – from class lists on leaver jackets to single-colour logos on polo tops.

Durable and affordable, screen printing is the perfect option for bulk runs requiring simple reproduction of up to ten colours, that will last wash after wash.

Please note that the minimum quantity for screen printing is 30 garments.


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Digital Transfers

Digital transfers are made of high-tech vinyl material that is heat pressed onto garments or products. Versatile and practical, vinyl transfer designs are limited only by your imagination, whether it’s a single colour logo or a detailed, multi-colour print.

Digital transfers are great for placing logos on hats, school bags, rain coats and spray jackets, and a cost-effective way of applying individual names to rugby jumpers and other sports kit.




Dye-sublimation printing is a computer printing technique which uses heat to transfer dye onto materials such as a plastic, card, paper, or fabric.

The sublimation name was first applied because the dye was considered to make the transition between the solid and gas states without going through a liquid stage. Sublimation provides the opportunity to reproduce millions of colours and multicoloured digital designs within one garment.


Private Fittings

Belgravia Apparel offers all new customers the opportunity for individual fittings, by appointment with a fitting professional. These can be arranged at any of our retail outlets, at school campus stores or by arrangement at workplaces. Organisations are provided with specific dates and an online link to book an appointment that suits each customer.

Fittings usually take 15 to 20 minutes depending on the organisation and the uniform requirements, and this information can be provided for inclusion in induction packs along with details about how to find us, and a current uniform price list.


The vast majority of Belgravia Apparel uniforms are designed and made, by hand, right here in Victoria. It’s why we stand confidently behind every garment Buxwear makes.

We source superior quality fabrics from specialist mills across the globe – each one committed to consistency in colour, design and weight, as well as ethical workplace practices. Every bolt of material that arrives at our premises is checked to ensure it is perfect, before hitting our pattern tables. Fabric is then cut by hand to our own patterns, each one designed in-house.

From here, the fabric is dispatched to our sewing teams, where each garment is crafted to ensure they meet our strict standards.